The Long Decline

pico holdings stock sp500 5 years

PICO Holdings share price has declined 75% in the last five years, while the S&P 500 has returned 48%.


Below is chronological review of PICO’s financial results over the last six years.


                            $18 MILLION NET LOSS


                             $11.2 MILLION NET LOSS


                               $54.5 MILLION NET LOSS


                                $29 MILLION NET LOSS


                                 $22.3 MILLION NET LOSS


  • $3.5 million impairment writedown: New Mexico water rights
  • $2.9 million impairment writedown: Real Estate
  • $46 million operating losses

                                  $52.4 MILLION NET LOSS

2015 (through third quarter)

                                  $80.7 MILLION NET LOSS


7-year net loss: $268.1 million

7-year Net loss per share: ($11.61)

PICO 1-Year

PICO share price performance – Trailing 12 months.

2 responses to “The Long Decline

  1. I mentioned in another post before seeing this section that a similar analysis of long-term cumulative stock and cash comp to insiders and the BOD would be interesting to view here. You could tie that disgusting comp total to some of the disgusting totals above to illuminate what is a very disturbing picture. It’s really a shame that we can have situations like these and that it’s all legal. Very yucky stuff that deserves the spotlight you’re offering.

  2. Thanks AlsoCurious. We have written some posts on Director and Executive compensation and a commentor put up a tabulation of CEO Hart’s last 10 years of compensation. We will be researching and writing on the topics you mention. And we agree with your assessment.

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